01 September 2009


After listening to 'This Way Up' a few weeks ago I was inspired to do some food foraging myself. I did some double checking to make sure I wasn't going to poison myself and then headed outside on a mission. Im not sure if you can really call it foraging when all you do is step outside your door and find the nearest patch of weeds only a few steps away, but oh well.

I gathered Chickweed, Onionweed and Nasturtium along with a bunch of 'official' herbs and lettuce leaves from the garden and enjoyed a fresh spring salad. The remaining onionweed flowers looked sweet in a little glass. I shall never buy spring onions again.


  1. these are the sweetest little flowers i've ever seen! if your garden is even half as beautiful as your blog, it must be a wonderland! bon appetit!

  2. I listened to that and wondered if I might come across some Onion weed..now that I kow what it looks like, I might just! Enjoying your space on the interwebs. J

  3. I, like you, need only step outside to find these same goodies, however, the Onionweed has taken over my garden. I'll never be able to eat enough to make a dent, as lovely as the little flowers are (and it is a good thing) my garden smells like onions! Ah the consequences of getting gorgeous flowers from friends. Despite it all I wouldn't change a thing.