31 July 2009


I'm all abuzz with inspiration and possibilities. The thrill of having my own wall at The Affordable Art show hasn't worn off.


The excitement of opening night: crowds of people, each with glass of wine in hand, music bubbling in the background and art all around.

Seeing the work of my sweet friend A'sha in The Signature Gallery! So proud of her :)

My fist piece being sold before I even arrived - so exciting.

People thanking me for my artwork! Um, hello, can I thank you for liking it?!

Other peoples stories... stories of teaspoons and books and stamp collections...

25 July 2009

Reading in the Rain

The sound of rain against the roof, the night dark and treacherous beyond the window. A pile of soft and squashy cushions upon a chair. An old, well loved woolen blanket. A mug of hot milky tea and a lamp glowing gentle amber. The old red book, its cover faded and worn, rests in my hands. The tale within alive and restless, waiting for release.

Ive started reading this book, although I never intended to. I bought it for the inscription inside knowing I would use it in my artwork. As I was photographing the inscription my eyes glanced across the first few lines and I was hooked.

Between paragraphs of Tess, Ive been madly creating for the art show which opens in less than a week....

21 July 2009


Another teaspoon added itself to my unintentional collection last week. It emerged from the garden, the recent heavy rain washing it free from its confinement beneath the dirt. I know there is some kind of tale to be told regarding its history, but I am yet to imagine it.

Welcome to my new blog, Arty Lovely. A blog about creativity, inspiration, making, dreaming, thinking, doing, tall tales and true ones too. Im Veronica. Glad you came by.