22 September 2009

Good Things

Good things:

A rickety old deck chair tucked into a private spot in the garden.
The sensation of my body defrosting after winter in the warm spring sunshine.
A stack of pre-loved magazines, passed on by a friend.
Tui swooping, Piwakawaka flitting, Kaka squawking.
Fresh spring water with a twist of lemon.
Seedlings sprouting.
A cheque in the mail for art sold (Thank You Universe).
A weekend lunch to plan - im thinking little sandwiches served on little plates.
And the sweetest bunch of flowers from Mum's garden.


  1. you always have the BEST lists!! and.....the best, most gorgeous photos to go with them!! happy monday to you! :))

  2. What a wonderful image to express the beauty of all the life has to offer us....especially in Spring. It's the start of our fall season here, and though fall is lovely.. Spring is just the best.