19 March 2010


Ive been awfully quiet here, but only because I have been so hectically busy with planning and preparing for Friday the 12th of March 2010. A week has passed now... a whole week since the best day of my life... so far. Happy sigh. If I could just live in Friday the 12th of March forever I think I would be very content.

Sunshine, storms, friends, family, food, dancing, laughing, love, and magic all rolled up in a perfect package of wonderfulness. I still cant get over how lucky I am. We are. I want to remember always how happy we both were to be celebrating US that day. How did so many hours of planning and work fall into place, just for us? Unbelievable. The country hall, the golden grass, the wild apple trees, the mountain views, the rolling farmland, the hugs, the bunting, the dress.... everything. Just. So. Perfect.

Thank You Universe.

I cant bear to tuck that dress away just yet so its hanging by the window with some wedding bunting. So many hours of work Mum and I put into it, I want to enjoy it for longer than just one day.

Ive a million stories I could tell, but we are off on our Grand Tour of the North Island Honeymoon. Back in 6 weeks!