15 June 2011

Bluebird Afternoon

Bluebird Afternoon is currently on display at the Wai Art Awards Show. Head on over and cast your vote for the peoples choice award! Carterton Exhibition Centre, Holloway Road, Carterton.

01 April 2011

Desk Top

A glimpse of just some of the stuff covering my desk today. Those little blue bird earings have sparked some new creative ideas which I am excited about. More on that soon hopefully!

The first of April arrived in a flash and so this morning I drew a name out of a hat (well, actually a bowl). I'll be sending out a little stash of wall paper samples to Dena of Wilton Art. Yay Dena!

30 March 2011

Autumn Light

The last remnants of summer are fading fast. I'm reluctant to let go, but I do love that beautiful autumn light.

22 March 2011

Giveaway for you

This morning the hum of the city rises on still air and intrudes into my little sanctuary amongst the trees. All is green or grey out there. The trees, the hills; mottled verdantly. The city, harbour and sky; monochromatic through the drab light of dawn. I think its going to rain.

A few days ago I was pondering all the exciting creative projects on the horizon ahead of me when all of a sudden a sense of overwhelm engulfed me. Followed swiftly by Artist Block.

As I struggled against a composition that wouldn't arrange itself pleasingly, I realised there was nothing to do but walk away. Just walk away and do something else. Busy myself with other things until my muse returns. I'm learning this is the best way and I'm learning to have faith that inspiration will return.

Happily, my creative spark is back quickly this time, inspired by two fortuitous finds in second-hand shops - some vintage embroidery patterns and some old patterned wall paper. Gold for a mixed media artist.

Id like to share the creative abundance that I have been blessed with, so this is for you... I'm putting together a little pack of wallpaper samples to giveaway to one of this blogs followers. So if you haven't already, click "Follow" over there on the right column and on the first of April I'll draw the name of someone who will receive a little gift in the mail. Spread the word on your blog, let me know you have in the comments below, and I'll throw your name in twice :)

17 March 2011


Sunday, I sailed back into Wellington. The end of my holiday south and also, it seems, the end of summer.
Two weeks, two weddings, two thousand kilometers, two cycle companions, two ferry rides, two plane trips, two lakes, two thousand photos...

First stop; lake Rotoiti where we camped, swam & walked.

24 February 2011

Tea in the Library

From my spot up here on the hill I have been watching the cruise ships come and go from the harbour. They glide in on the calm summer water like reposeful cows strolling to the milking shed, and then not long later they leave again just as serenely. The sky has been blue for days on end and I am soaking in this summer warmth.

My thoughts have been where most every New Zealanders thoughts are directed right now, with the people of Christchurch. I am so grateful all of my family there survived the terrible earthquake.

Tea in the Library is heading off to Artbay Gallery today along with a few other pieces.

18 February 2011


Even in the midst of summer, death is all around. Ive been noticing nature's cycles a lot lately as I work in the garden. The abundance of cicadas are providing a great feast for the birds. I felt sorry for them, those poor defenseless bugs, but then I realised; Id feel sorry for the birds if they couldn't eat. Everything is connected.

I discovered this butterfly a few days ago and carefully carried him home to add to my collection of curiosities.

For those of you who entered my giveaway, thank you! We have a winner and her name is Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations.