03 September 2009


On Monday I told myself if, and only if, I was very diligent in my work this week, I would be rewarded with a trip to the book fair on the weekend. Sometimes a little reward can motivate you to go a long way. I'll head straight for the old book section and make my selection aesthetically.


  1. Tell me more! I love old books. I stopped in at a Thrift Shop today after work, in hopes of finding some vintage goodies and old hardcover books. I didn't have luck, but I hope you do at the Book Fair! Sounds wonderful...

  2. hey, with such a great selection of beautiful books, how could you possibly choose....i say you go ahead and buy them all!! enjoy!! :)

  3. holy moly those are gorgeous. Books are stunning objects in form anyway and then decorate it like this...sigh... They are amazing inventions a Kindle can't hold a candle to this.