27 August 2010

The book fair.

I love old books and the stories that entwine themselves between the printed words. The stories that can only be glimpsed through the marks left by their owners or readers and through the patina of time.

I discovered some beautiful gems at the annual book fair last weekend. While there I fell into conversation with an ancient old man, and (since he asked) I told him I was looking for books with inscriptions and the like. His reply, "folks have some strange hobbies, don't they?" Ah... well yes, I guess they do. He soon shuffled away and sometime later another man, not so ancient this time, noticed my pile and he too stuck up a conversation. He told me all about the book plates and inscriptions in a number of books he once owned. I was glad of this momentary company, a kindred spirit I think.

Last night I set out to sea with Mr Crusoe having discovered him amongst my purchases when I got home. I'm sure I was the only one there selecting books without reading the titles first. It was a happy coincidence as Robinson Crusoe has been on my "To Read" list for a while.

23 August 2010


Found on a hill overlooking a city, while drinking tea from a thermos, as I sat on the bonnet of a car in the winter sunshine. Good luck is coming my way.

17 August 2010


Its always a good idea to have some bunting on hand, just in case of unexpected celebrations.

I used an old garden book for the triangles and ripped an old sheet into strips for the tape.

Idea via Two & Six and Heartfelt

11 August 2010

Tea and other things

The last several days have been filled with snow and hot springs, a perfect combination for a winter getaway. I've returned home to find the first signs of spring emerging. The garlic has sprouted in the garden, the Daphne is blooming, the sun is hanging around a little later in the afternoon and I'm thinking about planting some peas.

Apart from my plans for the garden, I have lots of other projects afoot.

The Art Show was fantastic and already I have more ideas brewing. I spoke to so many lovely people, many of whom had stories to share about their own heirlooms and mnemonic objects. I particularly liked the story one lady told me about a small community where whenever someone passed away their china tea sets would be split and shared out to friends or family, cup by cup. Then later on, when drinking tea from the cup that once belonged to Aunt Belinda you would remember them. A lovely idea I think. I had so many people asking me about my tea cup series I'm sure I will be making more soon.

For those of you who came to the show and entered my giveaway, the winner of Gathered II is Moana J of Upper Hutt. I hope you find the perfect spot to hang it Moana.

03 August 2010


A scene from the living room, a sign of the approaching spring.

I am overflowing with more art ideas since The Show. So much to share, but it shall have to wait, for I am off on a little holiday. Back soon.