25 September 2009

First Inspiration

Im not sure what my original intention was when I picked up this old record at the opp shop. When I arrived home I noticed something I hadn't before, written in the top left corner, an inscription. In November 1955 Chris sat down to write a note to his friend Kate, and that is all we can be sure of.

London 10/11/1955


With loving thanks for all your kindness, the tons of toast & gallons of coffee which we enjoyed in No. 10. We meet again.


I can't help wondering if it was the number 10. Anyway, after discovering this inscription several years ago I became fascinated with little fragments of other peoples lives and the mysteries that get left behind once they have moved on.

It seems I'm not alone, i was happy to discover the book inscriptions project via Sara - fascinating reading :)


  1. the record looks fabulous.....and so is the inscription!! and, it's fascinating that there is an actual site showcasing these little glimpses into people's relationships with each other! i could read them all day long! :)

  2. How romantic and mysterious that is.. It just fills your mind with your own endings.. Love your photos.. How WOW... they are.

  3. This was by far the best post I read today. I love your blog! I actually checked out the sight for inscriptions and decided to order the John Lennon book. I just love old books and such. Keep writing! Very enjoyable.

  4. Isn't that site just wonderful?! Whenever I go to used book shops now I always look inside the covers to see what tidbits of the past may be hidden away there. Wonderful post :) I'm sorry that parts life are tenuous at the moment. Does it have much to do with househunting? I know it's making my head spin! Whatever it is, hang in there! Happy fall to you :)

  5. What a lovely romantic find! Isn't it amazing how a few words can open up a world of ideas and stories to imagine? THE No. 10 is what I choose to believe too.

    You might like this site http://www.foundmagazine.com/find/12247
    found notes and pictures . . .
    but be warned, finds are very crass and trashy. Some are sweet, lots are funny.