28 August 2009


I stumbled upon a child's book of stamp collecting on the same day as I discovered the illustrated botanical books. It came home with me too.

At home I tipped out my stash of stamps from an ancient brown paper bag. The bag has been home to this pile of stamps since before I can remember, it is so crinkled and soft it now feels like flannelette.

Most of them were collected by my Dad. I think I started adding to it (sporadically) at about age 12. They have never been ordered, catalogued or arranged into an album. The brown paper bag of stamps has always been more like a button jar. Sometimes you spill out all the stamps and arrange them into little groups; by colour, by country, my motif, you admire their details, and then you gently pack them away again until the next time.


  1. that little brown bag sounds like it's holding true treasure!! and i know what you mean about it being soft....it's almost as precious as the stamps inside! i just love postage stamps....fabulous little works of art in a tiny square!! :)

  2. I love stamps ~ I still have my childhood collection. I was thinking about passing them on, but I think I'll hold onto them now! xx

  3. You've inspired me to find my childhood stash of stamps! Love this...

  4. I love the stamps and the childhood memory. I seemed to have so much time for so many things then.