16 September 2009


An image from the 'archives' today.

An image of sorrow, of stillness, acceptance, pain, tenderness, heartache, emptiness, beauty, love, eternity, longing and a thousand other things that there are no words for.

I move in an ocean as smooth and dark as a mirror at night. The cool water carries me. The tide ebbs and flows and all I can do is float with it. Surrender my sadness and allow myself to be suspend in its sorrowful embrace. An embrace both heartbreaking and healing at once.

I am healing. There has been sadness these last few days. My heart has been broken and yet it still beats on. Life is like that I think.

Tonight I'll take strength in my Love's kind eyes, I'll smile in conversation with a friend, I'll take a walk at twilight and savor the bird's last tunes for the day. I'll do it all again tomorrow too.


  1. Lovely serene picture. I hope you find equilibrium soon.

  2. i'm sorry for your sadness. find peace where you can, today and every day....

  3. I love your outlook. Keep looking outward to the horizon...peace is there.