17 November 2010

The Source of Ideas and Inspiration

Lately Ive been thinking about ideas and inspiration. Does inspiration create ideas, or do ideas create inspiration? It seems they are intrinsically linked, each feeding into the other in a perpetual cycle.

I've been wondering - where do my ideas come from? What exactly is my inspiration? How can I best use my ideas and inspiration to expand my creativity?

I think I'll assign myself a little exercise of naming my sources of inspiration and ideas as a way of understanding my creative process better. Once Ive done that I think I will be able to make use of my inspiration more effectively and direct the energy of it into my art with more intention. Thats the goal anyway!

10 November 2010

Cutlery for Christmas

Detail of work in progress.

Ive just about completed three new pieces for the NZ Art Guild Xmas show.

09 November 2010


The harbour, flat, blue and bright looks like summer today. A few little yachts drift aimlessly out across the water. They're directed only by a little wind and the ocean's whim I think. Their sailors much surely be reading a good book or snoozing on the deck. At least that's what I would be doing if it were me out there.

I photographed my lovely (patient!) sister piled up with books and teacups today. Luckily she has an exceptional sense of balance.

My intention is to produce a small series like this.