30 June 2010

Mrs Archibald

Mrs Archibald's photograph came into my possession long after she had left this life and shortly after the photo's slow passage from Canada. She probably never imagined that a trace of her would end up here. Far, far from where her life was lived.

I see Mrs Archibald wearing a thick skirt, layers and folds of fabric dragging and swishing around as she walked. A heavy key always concealed in a pocket deep amongst that fabric. I'm not sure what door the key unlocked. When she could steal a few moments to herself she would escape to the garden with a book. She loved to read, but all to often instead her mind would wander. Inevitably to wind up in the warm glow of distant memories of Brazil, of Physalis and that one wonderful day.

23 June 2010

A few days past

Some highlights from the weekend...

A winter's day bloomed as if of summer.
Walking beneath an immense blue sky, so bright and nourishing.
Bare feet in chilly ocean water.
A hunger satisfied by a picnic amongst the trees.
A cozy fire radiating welcome comfort.
Feeling so, so lucky to be.

18 June 2010

Heart Collection

I'm whisking New Husband away for a mystery weekend. Lets hope the weather clears and we will actually be able to venture outside. If it does perhaps I'll find another stone to add to my collection.

(BTW, we've been wondering how long you can legitimately add the prefix 'new' to husband and wife - any ideas anyone?)

10 June 2010

Wild Apples

The product of my most recent foraging expedition; Wild Apple Chutney. The apples were gathered from trees quite similar to and not far from these ones Heartfelt found.

I was happy today to discover, via Heartfelt, this foraging map. I feel another expedition is in order.

08 June 2010

The Russian Caravan

Russian Caravan tea this morning. Its smoky aroma has always conjured an image in my mind of a band of bohemian travellers. A circle of opulently embellished caravans parked up around a camp fire. A old billy brewing over the flames. A dark, starry sky sweeping to the horizon all around and a community of like minded souls singing, dancing, laughing and relaxing before the next leg of their perpetual journey. Turns out the Russian Caravan is really about camels.

My little teacup series is well underway now. There will be ten wee 6x6" sized teacups, and a few more larger ones. I'm looking forward to doing some more work on these this week.