10 September 2009

Afternoon Tea

I'm sure many a story and a few good bits of gossip have been revealed over these old plates. Little cucumber sandwiches would have been eaten delicately while happy and sad news was exchanged. Home baked Afghan biscuits would have been savoured, crumbs carefully caught and dusted back onto the floral porcelain.

I've been collecting up old mismatched plates for a while now. I'll make several of these cake stands and add my own story to their history when they are used at my wedding in the not too distant future. Looking forward to that.

In a few short hours my True Love and I will be driving off into the sunset (no, not to elope), heading for the beach. Ive been counting down the days with anticipation, waiting for the time when I can escape and do nothing for a few days.

Of course I don't actually mean do nothing. I'll be packing up some art supplies. I have some goals... but more on them later.


  1. your plates are beautiful....and won't those afghan cookies (mmmm, they sound de-lish!) look fabulous sitting on your creatively arranged cake stands....for your wedding!!!

    enjoy your time at the beach. and yes, you're allowed to do absolutely nothing if that's what you want to do (but wise to take your art supplies...because i KNOW that you have something wonderfully creative in mind!). have fun!! :))

  2. Yes, those plates are gorgeous indeed! My mom has collected pretty plates and cake stands for a long time, and she made a beautiful array of her gorgeeeous desserts to put on them for my wedding. Such a warming touch! Can't wait to hear all about yours :)

    p.s. In Aurora's backpack, she keeps a small bag of rocks on each side for weight, and then some plastic bags and some treats. She loooves it :)

  3. These are gorgeous. Makes me recall the bridal shower I threw for my sister. It was a tea party, I spent weeks trolling thrift stores and antique shops searching for "just-so" tea cups and saucers. I got a gorgeous assortment of teas and made scones and small tea cookies. Everyone got to take home their place setting. It was fun watching the ladies clamor for the perfect cup for them. Delightfully everyone found one that suited them "just-so". It was lovely, oh how I want to do that again.

  4. They look wonderful ~ how many more do you need ~ I could look out for some for you....xx

  5. Have a lovely time at the beach with your sweetie.
    The photo is beautiful such a modern white clean setting a beautiful contrast to the old fashioned vintage dishes. xo from les Gang

  6. Aww beautiful plates! I love using vintage crockery as everyday dinnerware... it makes whatever you're eating taste better, even if it isn't homemade biscuits :)

  7. Lovely plates...great way to recycle/reuse!