29 October 2009

Finishing Touches

Many years ago a lady sat and sewed. I imagine her unfolding the pattern and laying it out. I almost hear the slight rustling of the new tissue as she worked. Measuring, pinning, checking. Her hands would have been confident and steady as she cut through the aqua fabric. Her sewing machine, a simple, noisy beast, would have whizzed down the seems with speed. Before long the dress would have been finished, ready to wear to that special occasion for which it was made.

About forty years later I sat unpicking this hard work. Today I will put the finishing touches on my new upcycled vintage creation!

I must finish it today, tomorrow I fly up, up and away. Heading off north west on holiday. A wedding in the sunny land of Australia. I am SO looking forward to heat, a constant 30 degrees please (did I mention its raining - again). And, off course, I am looking forward seeing some of my favourite Aussies. Back in ten days - see you then!

19 October 2009


Tomato seedlings soaking in the sun this morning. Ive put them on the window sill inside to keep them nice and cozy.

My dress is hanging above on the curtain rail, sleeveless, but unfinished. I had a thought last week that I could get double duty out of it and wear it to the opera too. This prompted a flurry of unpicking but then when I realised it wouldn't be done in time, it was left neglected hanging above the tomato seedlings.

I found something else to wear to the opera and the show was wonderful. It was particularly wonderful to see my Love Jamie up on stage in the chorus, singing his heart out. His voice gives me chills, in a good way. Tomorrow I have a date with the sewing machine.

09 October 2009


Miss Seymour didn't own these earrings but I'm absolutely certain they would have been just her taste.

Inspired by Janelle, I thought I'd share my latest and most favourite Op Shop finds.

The ear rings I found someplace amongst a pile of other junky gems. These were the only ones I brought home with me, I must have known I would later find a dress to match.

Ive been searching high and low for a dress to wear to a wedding to no avail. I overlooked this one amongst the flotsam and jetsam in one op shop. My little sister fortunately had sharper eyes than I, and pulled it out for me. Sometimes little sisters are really useful. Im thinking of removing the sleeves and adjusting the collar-thing. Opinions anyone? Or should I leave the sleeves?

08 October 2009

A good day

Yesterday the little patch of blue in the sky grew and grew. It grew so wide the clouds were pressed to the horizon.

I did some art but also decided to spend a little time outside to make the most of the sun. I whizzed up the most delicious smoothie (Greek yoghurt, banana, kiwifruit and apple juice) and sat out at my picnic table amongst the trees and rambling weeds, my own little jungle.

Later I made some teepees in preparation for peas I will plant.

A good day.

07 October 2009

Wednesday morning

Last week the sunshine and the orange blanket on my bed set the room aglow with warmth. Today there is no glow.

Spring has regressed. I sit here this morning looking out to a dull grey world. I feel the icy chill pressing at the windows. The hills to the north have evaporated into nothingness, as has the harbor. At the nearest edge of the water though, through the murk of mist, I see a little red tug heroically guiding a container ship out. Its the Maersk Radford, heading to Nelson. What could be on board I wonder?

I will keep myself tucked inside today and put some time towards my art. The mixed media process I am using involves many layers and much patience.

Right now I'm off to the kitchen to knead some bread for the oven. I see a blue patch in the sky to the west, the sun is rushing through and its heading my way.