28 August 2009


I stumbled upon a child's book of stamp collecting on the same day as I discovered the illustrated botanical books. It came home with me too.

At home I tipped out my stash of stamps from an ancient brown paper bag. The bag has been home to this pile of stamps since before I can remember, it is so crinkled and soft it now feels like flannelette.

Most of them were collected by my Dad. I think I started adding to it (sporadically) at about age 12. They have never been ordered, catalogued or arranged into an album. The brown paper bag of stamps has always been more like a button jar. Sometimes you spill out all the stamps and arrange them into little groups; by colour, by country, my motif, you admire their details, and then you gently pack them away again until the next time.

27 August 2009

Vintage Karo

I spied these two old botanical books among a line of ill ordered volumes at one of my local op shops. I pulled them out of their rows with anticipation and I was not disappointed. Inside colourful illustrations fill the pages. I even identified a native plant that I have wondered about for a while now. Karo.

It seems one of the books was once the property of Fresno County Free Library, which I googled to discover is far away in California. How did this little book make its way around the world to end up in my hands? There must be an interesting story there....

20 August 2009


The sun is out. I think today is a good day to ignore all the boring things I should do and instead spend some time at my freshly cleared art table. A clear table is kind of like a blank page, so lovely and satisfying as it is that you almost don't want to mess it up, but also full of potential for so much more.

I'll slide the table into the sun in front of the big window and enjoy the warmth as I plan and create. I never really seem to know what I am going to do until I do it, but Ive assembled some little things to help open the flood gates of creativity. Inspired of course by the master of assemblage, Joseph Cornell.

18 August 2009

Art Love

"Bloom Forth" Flora S Bowley

Imagine slipping into a dream of a magical landscape. A landscape filled with all manner of familiar forms from nature, yet so different to anyplace you've ever been. There's a kind of hum in the air from the energy of it all.

"Heartlight" Flora S Bowley

I discovered the work of Flora S Bowley via a post by Kelly Rae Roberts. I am seduced by this celebration of colour and nature. I really cant decide which piece is my favourite. They all seem to sing their own little songs to me.

"Blue Linum" Flora S Bowley

Check out her special projects. If only I could afford to fly her to this side of the world and commission a wedding painting...

All images in this post are copyright Flora S Bowley and used here with permission.

17 August 2009


Grey skies on a Monday, sigh. I'm consolated though by the little sprig of sunshine I picked the other day. The recent spring like weather inspired me to go ambling down some new and unexplored streets around here. It was on one of these little jaunts that I came across a Wattle in full bloom. The powdery, summery scent transports me immediately to age nine, walking past a row of these trees on my way to and from primary school.

After work today I plan to finish a little spring cleaning and create some space (both physivcally and mentally) for my creativity. Looking forward to that.

12 August 2009


Im trying to hold on to my creative flow amongst a pile of disruption this week. Things feel all rearranged and disheveled. Because they are; carpet being pulled up, concrete pouring, paint being scrapped… Im not sure where to go or what to do, but anyway, I carry on.

Amongst the mild chaos I created a little alter to peacefulness. I brought the Daphne in from the doorstep. Its sweet scent seeps from delicate pink petals. A sumptuous aroma has settled upon the air. With any slight disturbance the air currents sweep it up, swirling and whirling the fragrance around the room. Loveliness.