24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Yesterday I bought my first cherries of the season. Cherrries are the most Christamassy of fruit I think. Especially heart shaped cherries.

I have finally, finally tidied up a lot of work and for the first time in ages I can now take a breather. This morning it seems, at last, that the holiday season has begun. Today i'll head into town to finish up my Christmas shopping, while I'm near by I will take a look in The Academy of Fine Arts to see my art hanging there. I'll have coffee with a friend and visit the library. I'll drop off some home-laid-free-range eggs to this years nominated Pavlova maker and then head home to begin preparations for my vegetarian Christmas dish, Tibetan Roast. After that I might pull out some Christmas lights and decorate the window.

Tomorrrow my summer holiday shall begin! Merry Christmas!

I'll be back in January sometime...

02 December 2009


Across the road and down a steep bank, amongst an overgrown garden there blooms an Elder tree. Beautiful, but impossible to reach from above or below. Those little white explosions of scent taunted me as I dreamed of Elderflower Champagne.

Then, oh happy day, amongst a tangle of blackberry, cabbages and chickens, I stumbled upon another Elder tree. Yes!

I plucked some blooms and now have a sweet liquid ready to bottle. I used Jannelle's recipe and will keep the bottles in the shed in case they explode, as apparently can happen.