29 July 2010

Opening Night

Just outside the window a Starling is singing his song and the rain is gently falling. The scene is glossy green and misty white.

Soon we (my blogless, websiteless artist friend A'sha and I) will head off to the Gala Opening of the NZ Art Show. I am so inspired already by all the art I have seen there. This should be a good weekend.

27 July 2010


The good news people, is, I have finished. Artworks are dry, labelled, packed and ready to hang tonight! I'm hoping to hold onto what little energy I have left for a few more hours before I collapse into much needed rest. Who knew making a ga-zillion pieces of art, tweaking and updating my website, putting together a facebook page, designing a catalogue, biz cards and a host of other things would be so much effort?

Two days until the NZ Art Show opens!

13 July 2010

Lovely Lady

While flipping through a friends copy of Advanced Magnetism 1925 (a very curious book) on the weekend I came upon this photo tucked in between the fragile pages. The topic of the book was intriguing enough, this little gem the icing on the cake. She gave it to me, it was meant to be, you see.

Hasn't she a lovely face? I think I would have liked her if we had met, and the little one's hat, adorable.

08 July 2010

07 July 2010


A winter sunrise on a day much fairer than today. Today, grey, grey, grey. With some rain thrown in for good measure.

05 July 2010

100 Lovely Things

Three weeks to go until the New Zealand Art Show and things are beginning to come together. This piece is one of my largest yet, 30x40 inches. Mixed media on canvas.

I'm in the addictive phase of my art making process right now, in the zone, the flow. Whatever you want to call it I cant get enough of it. Its invigorating, inspiring, enlivening and now I must go to get my next fix.