24 September 2009

Last season's

A still morning, no wind, no sun, no noise. Its one of those mysterious un-weather days. Kind of like an unbirthday, which co-incidentally it is today too.

Walking home from town the other day I spied a cape gooseberry bush. Im sure these fruit must ripen in the autumn so these must be left over from last season. I didnt think anyone would mind, so I discretely hopped a fence to gather these little lanterns from beneath the bush. I also found this remnant from last seasons Pohutukawa. These little trinkets will be tucked away carefully until one day when I dedide they are just what I need for an art work.

I have been working on some other art things. Progress is slow. I seem to work like that. At first it seems as if all my effort is dissipating into thin air with nothing to show for it. Just a partly prepared surface, various separate, half finished elements, dirty paint brushes and a pile of rubbish to tidy. No masterpiece.

I become a little despondent at my lack of progress. My doubts arise to taunt me. That little critic comes out to remind me of how much I haven't achieved.

But, a-ha(!) I have a little song to hum:
Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate...
And there always is a new road. Must remember this.


  1. I love secret gates...and when i can't find one ...i light some sandalwood incense to change the energy in the room. Works like a charm! A very merry unbirthday to you! Love your blog.

  2. Exquisite Chinese lanterns. I love them I don't have them in my garden now, I need to remedy that. Happy unbirthday to you and me too! How fun.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful images. It seems to me, when the art comes to me easily, the rest of my life is neglected and when I take care of the rest of my life, art is slow to come back. It is such a delicate balance. But, critics are not allowed so kick them out right now! And just go with the ride. Good things always come eventually.

  4. I love this one (well actually I think they are all great! - but this one especially caught my attention) Great to have you join the NZ Art Guild - look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future. :-) Sophia