07 October 2009

Wednesday morning

Last week the sunshine and the orange blanket on my bed set the room aglow with warmth. Today there is no glow.

Spring has regressed. I sit here this morning looking out to a dull grey world. I feel the icy chill pressing at the windows. The hills to the north have evaporated into nothingness, as has the harbor. At the nearest edge of the water though, through the murk of mist, I see a little red tug heroically guiding a container ship out. Its the Maersk Radford, heading to Nelson. What could be on board I wonder?

I will keep myself tucked inside today and put some time towards my art. The mixed media process I am using involves many layers and much patience.

Right now I'm off to the kitchen to knead some bread for the oven. I see a blue patch in the sky to the west, the sun is rushing through and its heading my way.


  1. Oh the bread sounds wonderful! Hope you were able to put as much time into your art today as you wanted....and I hope the house hunting (and wedding planning?) is going well!

  2. i can't wait to see your artwork....and i'll help you eat the bread, too!! :))