19 October 2009


Tomato seedlings soaking in the sun this morning. Ive put them on the window sill inside to keep them nice and cozy.

My dress is hanging above on the curtain rail, sleeveless, but unfinished. I had a thought last week that I could get double duty out of it and wear it to the opera too. This prompted a flurry of unpicking but then when I realised it wouldn't be done in time, it was left neglected hanging above the tomato seedlings.

I found something else to wear to the opera and the show was wonderful. It was particularly wonderful to see my Love Jamie up on stage in the chorus, singing his heart out. His voice gives me chills, in a good way. Tomorrow I have a date with the sewing machine.


  1. Your photography is so beautiful. I could keep wandering in it all...

  2. tomatoes, opera, sewing projects......it sounds like a great week to be in "arty lovely" land!! :))

    p.s. i LOVED the you tube of the opera...!!

  3. Oh how I love the opera! I studied it all through college, and continue to sing it even now. That was a wonderful video as well! Bravo to your sweetie....I'm sure he did an amazing job! :)

  4. I am still so exciting to see your "new" dress. I love a great thrift store find that becomes NEW again.

  5. I've never been to the opera, but one day I hope to go. I loved the blue dress a couple of posts down, and those earrings too! Your photos are so lovely! Paulette ;D

  6. Bonjour seedlings !
    Hello Sweet Pea
    xo Les Gang