29 October 2009

Finishing Touches

Many years ago a lady sat and sewed. I imagine her unfolding the pattern and laying it out. I almost hear the slight rustling of the new tissue as she worked. Measuring, pinning, checking. Her hands would have been confident and steady as she cut through the aqua fabric. Her sewing machine, a simple, noisy beast, would have whizzed down the seems with speed. Before long the dress would have been finished, ready to wear to that special occasion for which it was made.

About forty years later I sat unpicking this hard work. Today I will put the finishing touches on my new upcycled vintage creation!

I must finish it today, tomorrow I fly up, up and away. Heading off north west on holiday. A wedding in the sunny land of Australia. I am SO looking forward to heat, a constant 30 degrees please (did I mention its raining - again). And, off course, I am looking forward seeing some of my favourite Aussies. Back in ten days - see you then!


  1. good luck finishing your alterations!! have a wonderful trip.....enjoy spending time with your friends in some great weather!! :))

  2. Your dress is going to look stunning, I am sure! That fabric is just gorgeous! Have a great time soaking up the sun :)

  3. Enoy the sun and the warmth.....have a great time. xx

  4. Oh my goodness... I can hardly wait to see it. I know it will be incredible.. What fun this has been.....

  5. May the trip be lined with surprises!

  6. can't wait to see how that marvelous dress turns out! thanks for the sweet, sweet comment about the paintings. the weekend was a BLAST and now i'm finally crawling out of my nest and back to life. i posted some pics of the show if you care to see!

    have a safe trip, and bonne chance!

    xoxo lily

  7. So have you got pics yet? DYING to see here! :D