17 August 2009


Grey skies on a Monday, sigh. I'm consolated though by the little sprig of sunshine I picked the other day. The recent spring like weather inspired me to go ambling down some new and unexplored streets around here. It was on one of these little jaunts that I came across a Wattle in full bloom. The powdery, summery scent transports me immediately to age nine, walking past a row of these trees on my way to and from primary school.

After work today I plan to finish a little spring cleaning and create some space (both physivcally and mentally) for my creativity. Looking forward to that.


  1. i just love visiting you here....the calm, the peace, the beauty of your blog space! have fun with your spring cleaning! :)

  2. Wattle brings back so many child hood memories. When had a big wattle tree in the backyard and we were allowed to pick as much as we wanted for our playhouse. xx

  3. I need to do the same thing ... late summer cleaning over in this hemisphere. The wattle are beautiful and the light gorgeous.