18 August 2009

Art Love

"Bloom Forth" Flora S Bowley

Imagine slipping into a dream of a magical landscape. A landscape filled with all manner of familiar forms from nature, yet so different to anyplace you've ever been. There's a kind of hum in the air from the energy of it all.

"Heartlight" Flora S Bowley

I discovered the work of Flora S Bowley via a post by Kelly Rae Roberts. I am seduced by this celebration of colour and nature. I really cant decide which piece is my favourite. They all seem to sing their own little songs to me.

"Blue Linum" Flora S Bowley

Check out her special projects. If only I could afford to fly her to this side of the world and commission a wedding painting...

All images in this post are copyright Flora S Bowley and used here with permission.


  1. Oh my! These are gorgeous...and yes it's hard to pick a favorite, but of these 3, I especially love the "blue linum". I'd love to have that on my wall :)

  2. Thanks for sharing such lovely art with us! I will have to go find out more! And your flower posts - so pretty and tranquil.

    I think you got your award from me, if I am remembering right (in my last post). Just a little smile for your new lovely blog!

  3. i could easily find a spot for each one of these beauties in my house! oh, to be able to paint like that.....

    thanks for introducing us to flora....her work is exceptional! :)

  4. Wow. Amazing and fantastic color! I also love the blue one the best...it's gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for all the love everyone! I JUST posted a new online sale of my latest "mini" paintings on my website...check em out under "Online Sale"
    Cheers! Flora