11 August 2010

Tea and other things

The last several days have been filled with snow and hot springs, a perfect combination for a winter getaway. I've returned home to find the first signs of spring emerging. The garlic has sprouted in the garden, the Daphne is blooming, the sun is hanging around a little later in the afternoon and I'm thinking about planting some peas.

Apart from my plans for the garden, I have lots of other projects afoot.

The Art Show was fantastic and already I have more ideas brewing. I spoke to so many lovely people, many of whom had stories to share about their own heirlooms and mnemonic objects. I particularly liked the story one lady told me about a small community where whenever someone passed away their china tea sets would be split and shared out to friends or family, cup by cup. Then later on, when drinking tea from the cup that once belonged to Aunt Belinda you would remember them. A lovely idea I think. I had so many people asking me about my tea cup series I'm sure I will be making more soon.

For those of you who came to the show and entered my giveaway, the winner of Gathered II is Moana J of Upper Hutt. I hope you find the perfect spot to hang it Moana.


  1. hurry up spring!! it sounds like you have lots of fabulous plans for digging in the dirt, planting some seeds, and watching the peas grow!! and maybe some time set aside for enjoying a nice cup of tea? what a wonderful story about the tea cups!

    congratulations to moana on winning a piece of your gorgeous artwork! i'm glad that your show went well!!! xoxox, :))

  2. So glad the show was fabulous for you! I simply adore this teacup in particular! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I do hope you are being gentle with yourself always. xoxo

  3. Veronica, your art is so beautiful! I'm so glad you left a message on my blog so I could find you.