27 August 2010

The book fair.

I love old books and the stories that entwine themselves between the printed words. The stories that can only be glimpsed through the marks left by their owners or readers and through the patina of time.

I discovered some beautiful gems at the annual book fair last weekend. While there I fell into conversation with an ancient old man, and (since he asked) I told him I was looking for books with inscriptions and the like. His reply, "folks have some strange hobbies, don't they?" Ah... well yes, I guess they do. He soon shuffled away and sometime later another man, not so ancient this time, noticed my pile and he too stuck up a conversation. He told me all about the book plates and inscriptions in a number of books he once owned. I was glad of this momentary company, a kindred spirit I think.

Last night I set out to sea with Mr Crusoe having discovered him amongst my purchases when I got home. I'm sure I was the only one there selecting books without reading the titles first. It was a happy coincidence as Robinson Crusoe has been on my "To Read" list for a while.


  1. You should submit these on the book inscriptions project website..

    what fabulous gems you've discovered! enjoy.

  2. I should, I have a little collectio I could submit now :)

  3. I love old books as well ... especially atlas's and old books with colour plates or tiny black etching illustrations. I'm having so much (angst ridden) fun with this big new collage opportunity !! thanks for all your love & support !! love the new avatar

  4. enjoy spending time with your new treasures.....i adore old books, too....the bookplates are such artforms of their own, and i can't imagine anything better than opening a time-worn book and breathing in deeply.....ahhh, such a wonderful fragrance!! xox, :))

  5. So lovely. I also collect old books with inscriptions. I love the old fashioned handwriting and am especially excited if there is a date as well as a name. These pictures are gorgeous.

  6. Hey it's a design art tour of Wellington

    Hooray xo S, Miss D avec les chats garcons

  7. It has been a long time since I visited so I went clear back to February with you to see if I could get a little caught up. So, congratulations! . . . on so many things, but especially your marriage and your art show, and on finding so many astounding things and making so many beautiful things. You are so in tune with things around you, you see truly amazing things that many of us would be too rushed to notice - you share them here and in your gorgeous art. You truly have a gift for showing the beauty around you and making it better.

  8. Hi Veronica - just dropped in to say thanks for the gift . . .
    Handily we (Nicola and I) are having a joint birthday party in October and were thinking of hanging some bunting around !

    Strangely I am also organising to send off a couple of things myself, I just hope the recipients still live wjer they wer a year and a half ago!



  9. I like how you think. What a great way of collecting books and to end up with surprises. Your photos and stories are lovely.