27 May 2010


Teacup, no saucer - 50 cents.

This afternoon I gathered my collection of old teacups together and began work on my 'teacup' series of mixed media pieces. They'll be a very sweet and girly bunch of artworks I imagine.

Lets see if I can post a 'work-in-progress' teacup next week.

Weather wise, its been a drizzly old day. Soup for dinner will be the perfect antidote. Brown Lentil with Lemon from Sarah Brown's Vegetarian Kitchen. A cook book without pictures is usually Not-a-Good-Thing, in my opinion, but I make an exception with this book.


  1. i'm so excited to see how this project unfolds. i adore teacups.

    xo Alison

  2. Your new project sounds wonderful....x

  3. what could be more dainty and girly than a teacup series?!! i know that it will be fantastic once you put all of your arty lovely finishing touches on it!! have a wonderful curl-up-with-a-nice-warm-bowl-of-soup kind of weekend!! :))

  4. Yum. I feel like having lentil soup lately. I need to remember to add them to the shopping list. :D