27 July 2010


The good news people, is, I have finished. Artworks are dry, labelled, packed and ready to hang tonight! I'm hoping to hold onto what little energy I have left for a few more hours before I collapse into much needed rest. Who knew making a ga-zillion pieces of art, tweaking and updating my website, putting together a facebook page, designing a catalogue, biz cards and a host of other things would be so much effort?

Two days until the NZ Art Show opens!


  1. Look like the fairy angel with the "go girl" has been to visit you. Rock On Sweet Pea
    xo S & les Gang

  2. keep heading towards that light at the end of the tunnel....you're almost there!!! congrats on your show!!! xox, :))

  3. your website link isn't working for me, am I the only one? An error message comes up saying it isn't found.