26 January 2011


My first post of the year comes a little late in the season, but thats just the way it is in summer isnt it?

Lately these summery days have been filled with roses. Roses on teacups, roses in books, and now, these lovely, vintage rose prints. Im not sure what I'll do with them yet, but when I found them I knew they had to come home with me.


  1. Hi Veronica - just read your comment on my blog - isn't that bizarre - I love when things like that happen - what does it mean???
    I am not familiar with Redoute's Roses Book but I would like to be!!!
    I have more similar pages coming soonb- thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  2. Ooh I love the faded colours in these. How funny that you found me in a magazine at the supermarket :)

  3. Those are so gorgeous! I've just started collecting flower prints and embroideries and I love how when they are hung together it looks like a garden inside.

  4. Welcome back :) I adore your new rose prints. I'm sure you will find a magical purpose for them.