09 November 2010


The harbour, flat, blue and bright looks like summer today. A few little yachts drift aimlessly out across the water. They're directed only by a little wind and the ocean's whim I think. Their sailors much surely be reading a good book or snoozing on the deck. At least that's what I would be doing if it were me out there.

I photographed my lovely (patient!) sister piled up with books and teacups today. Luckily she has an exceptional sense of balance.

My intention is to produce a small series like this.


  1. I just adore your teacup art :)

  2. can't wait to see more ! xo S & les Gang

  3. So lovely! I love the gorgeous decorative spines of those books and I have one of the same tea cups you have there :)

  4. Love the photo with the books..so well done!

  5. Your style of enhancing vintage objects and images is quite pleasing. I like your style.
    xoxo Kim