27 January 2011

Glimpses of her

Ive been working on this piece for so long now it seems. She evolves in stages and each time i set my paintbrush down I never know if she is finished or not. Until, hours later, I hear her calling to me again, just a little more paint over there, that part should be darker, or some other bit of useful advice. Her voice is becoming less urgent now, quieter, and I sense she is nearly ready.


  1. So lovely. I like reading your words on your process with your art.

  2. It was so nice to have a visit from you. I've missed you and I've missed visiting you too. I say it whenever I come by, but I always have such a content, easy, inspiration when I visit you. I think, in the case of me visiting, the inspiration comes first then the ideas begin to form (in response to your earlier post). By inspiration, I feel motivated to create or look at something or gather things to allow for the idea to surface that I feel rising from something here . . . your words, your imagery, maybe colors you use. It always feels so fresh here to me, pristine in a way . . . pristine like a perfectly white shirt, still wrinkled, drying on the line in the breeze. Oh, I ramble. I love the series that you are working on and this lovely piece you are allowing to evolve on its own. I would love to know more about your process someday.

    Thank you for your visit and thank you for your lovely blog to visit and the lovely feelings I leave with!


  3. I'd love to know more about your work. It's photography to start and then you paint on the image ... I love reading about how different artists create their work. More ... details please ... long time friend from far, far away xo Susan & her Gang

  4. Veronica, this is very special. I adore it. And I love the way you wrote about the creative process too. I know just what you mean.