09 September 2010

Spring Inspiration

There really is something about spring that makes me want to clear things out and start afresh. I spent some time tidying my art materials and began a new inspiration board ready for this new season of growth and creativity.

Ten Good Things
A muddy path through a forest of green and an apple in my backpack
Rain beginning just as I arrive home
Peas sprouted in the garden
Spring cleaning, a clear desk and fresh inspiration
Thoughts of Martha Goes Green and her Oaty Choc Chip Seed Cookies
Pressed flowers, forgotten then found, in a book
Cats you meet on the street
An avian celebration of spring just outside my window
Posting secret parcels
Discovering some lovely new people to visit in blogland, Always Time for Tea, Little Postcards, Songs of Light & Sleep and Her Sisters

This post is for who tagged me some time ago...


  1. Hello,
    I came over from Peter's blog, to find this 'lovely' spot! Beautiful.

  2. And I'm so glad to have found your blog as well! I love your list.

  3. hey sweet pea, thanks so much for the very kind comment ... you made me blush with good feelings
    lots of love, Susan & les Gang

  4. Spring where you are....fall where I am. Worlds apart it seems like. But I adore your list..and I already am looking forward to my own spring list...in about 6 months :) Guess I should just make one for fall...