17 November 2010

The Source of Ideas and Inspiration

Lately Ive been thinking about ideas and inspiration. Does inspiration create ideas, or do ideas create inspiration? It seems they are intrinsically linked, each feeding into the other in a perpetual cycle.

I've been wondering - where do my ideas come from? What exactly is my inspiration? How can I best use my ideas and inspiration to expand my creativity?

I think I'll assign myself a little exercise of naming my sources of inspiration and ideas as a way of understanding my creative process better. Once Ive done that I think I will be able to make use of my inspiration more effectively and direct the energy of it into my art with more intention. Thats the goal anyway!


  1. tres interesting pondering ...
    perhaps I'll ponder this along with you.

    I must confess I am heavily influenced by les thoughts of making a living from my creations. It's not absolutely blatant "what would sell?" but pretty darn close at times. I think because I've been a designer for such a long time and not an artist - my inspiration has always come from outside of me and most often, a job.

    Hmmmmmm .... that's me pondering

    xo Susan & les bigger Gang

  2. Using your inspiration more effectively...what an idea! I have hardly even been acting on my inspiration lately...it's kind of sad. maybe I should figure out what is keeping me from following through. Keep me updating on your findings about inspiration and ideas. :)

  3. So glad I found your blog - your work is wonderful - will you be sharing a finished picture f the fork WIP that you showed - I love the background and would love to see more of it


  4. So amazing Veronica how you were saying on my blog that you were thinking of posting some of the lovely houses around your area as I had done, and now here I am at your blog and I've just posted about creativity! Our brains must be on the same wave length :)