13 July 2010

Lovely Lady

While flipping through a friends copy of Advanced Magnetism 1925 (a very curious book) on the weekend I came upon this photo tucked in between the fragile pages. The topic of the book was intriguing enough, this little gem the icing on the cake. She gave it to me, it was meant to be, you see.

Hasn't she a lovely face? I think I would have liked her if we had met, and the little one's hat, adorable.


  1. Hi Veronica, I have just discovered your beautiful blog ! I love your art and photography. I also love old things, I collect and press plants, take pics in cemeteries and lots of other places - anything with a history or story draws me in. I would dearly love to see your work - are you ever up Hamilton way ?

  2. I forgot to add my blog, pop in if you like . .


  3. Hi Ngaio,
    Thanks. No plans to visit Hamilton at the moment, but come on down to Wellington, I'll be at the NZ Art Show 30 July - 1 Aug