25 May 2010

Rain and Bliss

Rain is falling again. A dense mist has absorbed the landscape and left nothing but a grey void outside the window. Inside this afternoon the lights are on, as is the heater and I am marinating in the coziness of the start of winter.

On a rainy day there is nothing better than to be tucked away from the world with a project to do. Preparing for the NZ Art Show is keeping me well occupied. This year my goal for the art show is to make it bigger and better than last year. More artwork. Bigger artwork. Lots of mixed media, plenty of photography. I'm immersed in piles of trinkets, leaves, paints, canvases, books and other paraphernalia of my creative process. Bliss.


  1. Hey Sweet Pea. Enjoy your Bliss !! Can't wait to hear and see more ... xo S & les Gang

  2. I long to make my art my profession. Doing projects all day long would be so fabulous and fulfilling. Maybe someday. Although, I teach music for a living now...and that is fabulous too.

    Enjoy creating..and being a newlywed :)

  3. well, if your photo is any indication of what you're doing, i'd say you're working on some pretty spectacular projects!!! bring on the bliss!! :))

  4. You know what...for all Hawaii being the Rainbow State, and constantly being showered on, we never really have those kind of gray, drizzly, curl up with a warm blanket and hot drink kind of days. That's kind of sad. :(