29 January 2010


Outside my window today; a glistening harbour and a hundred little yachts marching out across its surface.

January disappeared before I noticed and here I am living in February. Sometimes lately, well most of the time, I feel hours go by in an instant, days melt away rapidly and I am left wondering how to make the clock slow down so I can pause and catch my breath.

I collected these hydrangeas from across the road the other day and they serve well to remind me to get outside and take a walk in the sunshine, to have a moment to just be. The little jug I picked up recently in some Op shop or other. It reminds me of a lovely friend on mine, I think she has a similar one.


  1. hey ya !! missed you xo S & les Gang

  2. Welcome back, miss Veronica. I had a dream recently that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies stopped time for me one day so that I could catch up on all of the things I needed to get done. If only that could happen in real life...wouldn't that be nice? :)

  3. i've missed you!! and, i know exactly what you mean about january being gone in a flash.....somehow the fact that it gave us a 31st day in the month, didn't seem to help me in getting caught up!! love your hydrangeas..... :))

  4. So glad to see you again!! And I wish anything was blooming here besides cold to cut and put in a vase. Beautiful flowers and beautiful words..

  5. These hydrangeas are so beautiful! Welcome back. You were missed. ~Kathy