24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Yesterday I bought my first cherries of the season. Cherrries are the most Christamassy of fruit I think. Especially heart shaped cherries.

I have finally, finally tidied up a lot of work and for the first time in ages I can now take a breather. This morning it seems, at last, that the holiday season has begun. Today i'll head into town to finish up my Christmas shopping, while I'm near by I will take a look in The Academy of Fine Arts to see my art hanging there. I'll have coffee with a friend and visit the library. I'll drop off some home-laid-free-range eggs to this years nominated Pavlova maker and then head home to begin preparations for my vegetarian Christmas dish, Tibetan Roast. After that I might pull out some Christmas lights and decorate the window.

Tomorrrow my summer holiday shall begin! Merry Christmas!

I'll be back in January sometime...


  1. What a beautiful picture.. And how cute that it was a heart.. One of my dear friends taught me several years ago to look for hearts and you'll end up seeing them all around.. JUST Love that!!

  2. i hope you had a Christmas as sweet and fabulous as this charming little heart-shaped cherry!! looking forward to spending 2010 with you!! :))

  3. I hope you have been enjoying a fabulous and relaxing holiday full of love and sweet sweet goodies (and cherries!) Happy new year!!

  4. I have cherries every Christmas I am down there...but they are not really a Christmas fruit here..they are JUST coming into season, but totally imported, and not cheap. Too bad.

    The pic, though...absolutely beautiful.

  5. come back, veronica! :) i'm sure you're very busy with wedding plans and house stuff..hope you're doing well!