30 June 2010

Mrs Archibald

Mrs Archibald's photograph came into my possession long after she had left this life and shortly after the photo's slow passage from Canada. She probably never imagined that a trace of her would end up here. Far, far from where her life was lived.

I see Mrs Archibald wearing a thick skirt, layers and folds of fabric dragging and swishing around as she walked. A heavy key always concealed in a pocket deep amongst that fabric. I'm not sure what door the key unlocked. When she could steal a few moments to herself she would escape to the garden with a book. She loved to read, but all to often instead her mind would wander. Inevitably to wind up in the warm glow of distant memories of Brazil, of Physalis and that one wonderful day.


  1. I swear I was just thinking about that tiny photograph today ! and wondering if it might find it's way into one of your mixed media pieces. Wow!! it's so lovely to see Mrs. Archibald's new home much love from me & the Gang

  2. I absolutely adore it when you find an old photograph with a name on the back. I have a collection of 'lost' people and I loved all the things you have imagined about Mrs Archibald. The key especially intrigues me. I do love an ancient key.