24 November 2009

Bright Side

I feel the dismal grey sink in through my skin. It tests my spirits, this unfriendly weather. The days of monotonous grey roll on and on with no end in sight. Perhaps it would not have seemed so bad had I not known the glorious easy weather of Australia. Sigh.

Still, The Bright Side throws me little rays of sunshine from time to time.

Bright Sides:

A message received telling me this artwork sold at the North Shore City Art Awards Exhibition (Yay, Thank You)
An evening crafting up a storm with a couple of lovely ladies.
Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie from my Hungry Girls Cookbook
An email accepting my application for a spot at the new Frank Kitts Market (Yay, Thank You)
Unexpecdly receiving a gift voucher for Swonderful
Looking forward to a 'secret weekend' away, planned by my one and only true love Jamie.
Delivering my art to the Acadamy of Fine Arts.


  1. Glad to see you back :) Sounds like there is plenty to be happy about...and a secret weekend getaway sounds so romantic and fun! You'll have to let us know where your love whisked you away to! :)

  2. well, your weather is grey, but your bright side is definitely bright!!! congratulations on your art successes.....that's fabulous that your artwork sold! and have a fantastic time with your sweet jamie.....enjoy your getaway!! :))

  3. Wow, lots of rays of sunshine in your gray days, congratulations on all the positive response to your amazing art. What a thrill to have a piece sell. I think I need that sour cream rhubarb pie recipe, are you willing to share? It might help during our ever increasingly dark days, Have fun on your getaway.

  4. It sounds like you need some light! I hope the gray goes away soon!

  5. I'm so sorry you are feeling grey. Here in Southern California, we are starting to get our rains. I love the rain. However, there are those days where the grey does make me feel grey. Lately, the rain is soft and gentle, just enough to make me feel so peaceful.

    Enjoy your getaway!